RIM: Research and Research Education

Research Development & Support (RD&S)

In 2014, R01 equivalents made up only 49% of the awarded NIH dollars, a continuous drop since the high of 61% in 1998 while Program Projects, Center Grants, and Cooperative Agreements have steadily increased in funding importance.

Research Development & Support (RD&S) is the Miller School team that supports investigators through the entire process of seeking a multi-PI, multi-site, or other cross-organizational complex funding opportunity.

Finding Opportunities

The RD&S staff will monitor multiple funding sites and distribute major opportunities to a targeted list of investigators based on prior funding history and prior publications.

Proposal Submissions

Working with a research analyst in the PI’s home department, the RD&S staff will take the lead on complex submissions. The assembled team will analyze the RFA, create a timeline, work with the PI to contact all key personnel, assign tasks to team members, assemble the proposal, and ensure a timely submission. The PI need not be involved on the multitude of administrative tasks that surround any complex submission.

Office of Research Administration (ORA)

The Office of Research Administration (ORA) remains responsible for institutional grant activities including negotiation of agreements and final financial reporting to agencies.

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