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Funding Opportunities

Resources and Tools for Finding Funding

This site provides a wide variety of tools and resources to help the University of Miami research community find the right funding source for research, creative and other scholarly activities. Browse the left sidebar to access SPINPlus and other searchable databases of both federal and non-federal external funding opportunities. You can find links to external funding sources, for limited submission competitions, and internal funding.

Internal Awards Programs

Scientific Awards Committee (SAC)
Deadline(s): 10th of each month by 11:59 PM (August – November; January – March)

  • Pilot Study Grants – provide up to $25,000 in direct research costs to assist faculty in jump-starting new research areas, including new and distinct research areas where the applicant has no existing funding or publications, as well as new direction(s) for existing research programs in which the applicant has past experience but no current funding.
  • Bridge Grants – provide up to $30,000 in direct research costs to assist faculty in maintaining their research program in the event of a funding lapse during the process of applying for additional extramural funding.
  • Interdisciplinary Team Science (ITS) Pilot Program Grants – provide up to a maximum of $50,000 in direct research costs to provide resources to assist faculty members in developing new research projects with an emphasis on interdisciplinary science, according to the following criteria: 1) research projects should involve the synergistic collaboration of two or more investigators, ideally from different disciplines or areas of study; 2) research projects should represent new and distinct areas where the applicant research team has no current funding or publications; 3) new and/or expanded direction(s) for existing research programs, where such directions are made possible by collaboration. The ultimate goal for the ITS Pilot Program is to facilitate the creation of new project teams who can develop new interdisciplinary research programs and obtain extramural funding for a Team Science Proposal, Program Project and/or Center grants. A Letter of Intent (LOI) is required.

EDR Internal Administrative Committee (IAC)
Deadline(s): 10th of each month by 11:59 PM (July – November; January – March)

  • Equipment Grants provide up to $20,000 in direct research costs and are intended as an aid to replace or repair intensively used equipment that unexpectedly breaks down or to upgrade existing equipment. The PI and/or department is required to cost share 50% of the total equipment. These grants are not intended to cover routine or anticipated repair, maintenance, or service contracts.
  • Dean’s NIH Bridge grants provide up to a maximum of $75,000 and provide support for Miller School faculty whose research program has a gap in an NIH award and/or competitive renewal that is within 10% of the agency payline. Eligible applications must be from an NIH R01 or P-type grant, but only the related research projects are eligible for P-type grants.
  • Research Support Awards provide up to $25,000 in direct research costs per year for a 12-month period (may be extended to a maximum 24 month period if fully justified) and cover unanticipated shortfalls in research funding that impede the progress of a proposal submission or funded research. This award should be applied for only when no other internal award mechanism is appropriate.
  • Grant Editing Support Program provides up to $1,500 for external consulting support. It is intended for investigators in the early development stage of a proposal or in the final stages of a proposal before the submission.

For pertinent program details and where you can apply, please visit https://miami.infoready4.com/#homePage

Should you have any questions, please e-mail: RIM-internalawards@miami.edu.

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