EDR: Executive Dean for Research

MSOM Glossary

BRIMR Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research
CRC Clinical Research Center
CRRC Clinical Research Revenue Cycle (Research Billing)
CTSI Clinical & Translational Science Institute
DOLFIN Departmental Online Financial Intelligence Network
eProst Electronic IRB
DMAS The Departmental Management and Accounting System provides access to financial related detail and summary information.
GPD Graduate Program Directors
HCA The Healthcare Company (billing service in Tampa)
iLab iLab solutions – software for cores.
IRB Institutional Review Board
ITS Interdisciplinary Team Science
MCA Medicare Coverage Analysis
MRN Medical Record Number – a number used to link patients with their medical history information across time within the health care provider’s jurisdiction.
MedREPS Medical Research Enterprise Program Support
NIH Reporter National Institute of Health
OGPS Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
ORA Office of Research Administration
PIBS Biomedical Sciences
PDPO Postdoctoral Programs Office
QA Quality Assurance
QC Regulatory Support
RAC Resource Allocation Committee
RIM Miller Office of Research, Research Education and Innovative Medicine
RMSB Rosenstiel Medical Science Building
RRS Research Reporting System
  • Dashboard,
  • Proposal value,
  • Pending proposals
  • Active awards – monthly reports
  • Sponsored expenditures – monthly reports
RSQA Regulatory Support and Quality Assurance
SAC Scientific Awards Committee
SOC Standards of Care
SURF Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
UChart Clinical registration and billing system for UMHC/SCCC, UMMG, ABLEH
UImprove Internship program
UMH University of Miami Hospital
UMHC University of Miami Hospitals and Clinics
UMMG University of Miami Medical Group
VCAs Vice Chair Administer
Velos Velos eResearch is used by authorized personnel to track clinical research studies, their patients, and data collection associated with approved IRB protocols.

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