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Brown Bag Research Writing Workshops
The Most Important Page of All: Writing the Specific Aims Page

This one-page document has to inform readers about your project, convince them of its significance and innovation, persuade them to trust you with large sums of money, and demonstrate your competence as a scientist and researcher.

Come to this workshop to discuss ways to make this Specific Aims page as efficient, succinct, and persuasive as possible.

July 30 and September 10

Writing Your New NIH Biosketch*

Have you written your new NIH Biosketch yet?
Take this opportunity to discuss the new format requirements and delineate your “contributions to science.”

Bring your biosketch with you for a one-to-one consultation after the workshop.

August 6 and September 17

Second Language Tips for Writing the NIH Grant: English for Academic Purposes

Writing a grant application is a daunting task for anyone. If English is not your first language, the process can be even more difficult.

In this workshop, we’ll discuss strategies for using English in academic settings, especially for grant proposals. We’ll look at templates for hypotheses and specific aims. And we’ll look at some of the errors commonly made by second-language writers.

September 3 and October 1

Writing the Project Summary/Abstract and the Project Narrative: Understanding the Needs of a Lay Audience

If you’re used to talking about your projects with the people in your lab, or writing about your work for others trained in your field, you might find it difficult to use “plain language” for a general audience. Yet the Project Narrative section of the NIH grant application asks you to do just that, while the Project Summary asks you to write for a “technically literate reader.”

In this workshop, we’ll discuss ways to “translate” your highly technical writing for lay readers and other audiences.

August 27 and September 24


Send your documents for individual feedback.
RSVP to Eliana Dominguez.

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Online Resources

NIH publishes many kinds of grant writing support on their web pages including tutorials, tip sheets and videos. A group of study section chairs put together an Insider’s Guide to Peer Review for Applicants:

It is good basic information for all grant writers. Many institutes produce materials specific to their submissions, so be sure to check for Institute-specific tips also. For help getting started, check out the Office of Extramural Research’s website:

The UM Writing Center comes to the Miller School

The Writing Center is a university resource providing support for writing – usually associated with the Gables Campus students and faculty. The Director of the Writing Center has agreed to spend Tuesdays on the MSOM campus.

If you are committed to submitting a grant proposal within the next 6-months, and you would like some assistance from a professional writer on that proposal, contact RIM for an appointment:

Grant Editing Awards

Grant Editing Support Grants provide up to $1,500 for external consulting when an investigator is in the final stages of proposal submission and in rare cases for the early development stage of a proposal. The expectation is that a proposal will be submitted to an external sponsor following the expenditure of the award.

A full description of the Program and applications is available on this website:

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