RIM: Research and Research Education

Pre & Post Award


Pre and Post award activities occur in various ways on campus, depending on the size of the submission, the size of the portfolio or the staff available.

  • Department-based research analysts are embedded into departments and work closely with their individual investigators on pre and post award activities for most types of awards.
  • Investigators in units with smaller portfolios work with research analysts in the Research Development & Support (RD&S) unit for both pre- and post- award activities. RD&S also assists their researchers with finding funding opportunities and potential collaborators.
  • All Miller School investigators may work with RD&S on complex submissions involving multiple departments, multi-disciplines, multi-sites or other complicating factors. Post-award for these complex awards is handled by individual departments.


The Office of Research Administration (ORA) remains responsible for institutional grant activities including negotiation of agreements and final financial reporting to agencies.

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