EDR: Executive Dean for Research

Oral & Poster Specifications

Oral Presentation

All oral presentations will be considered for Oral Presentation Awards provided the first author on the abstract is the presenter.

  • Fifteen minutes total will be allotted for each paper. Participants MUST limit their presentation to no more than 12 minutes; the remaining time to allow for discussion.
  • Oral presentations will be judged on content, audiovisual aids, and the participant’s ability to handle questions.
  • Standard audiovisual equipment will be provided.
  • Final presentations are to be submitted electronically the week of the conference.

Poster Presentation

All poster presentations will be considered for Poster Presentation Awards provided the first author on the abstract is the presenter.

  • Your poster cannot exceed 72 inches (w) by 48 inches (h) and must include the following sections:
    • the subject under consideration and its significance
    • the means and materials used
    • a summary of the results presented in sufficient detail to support the conclusions
    • the significance of the results and their applicability to broader fields of knowledge
    • references
  • The title of the poster, the name of the participant and the location at which the research was performed should appear at the top of the display in a space at least 1 inch high. CAPITALIZE THE ENTIRE TITLE.
  • All illustrations should be professionally finished. Figures, legends, tables, and text should be readable from a distance of 3 feet. Hand drawn figures are strongly discouraged.
  • Posters are to be attached to the boards with thumbtacks. NO paste, glue, staples, or nails are permitted. Pushpins will be provided by ESRF.
  • Judges will circulate throughout the poster session during a specified period of time. Posters will be judged on their adherence to the stated guidelines, content clarity, and the ability of the researcher to handle questions.
  • Presenters need to stand by their posters during their allocated time session for poster discussion and judge evaluation.
  • Only one presenter is permitted per poster. If you have several co-authors, only one author (first author on the abstract) will be allowed to present.

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