EDR: Executive Dean for Research

Sr. Associate Dean’s Message

Discovery Science forms the basis for medical breakthroughs; it is fundamental to finding preventions, treatments and cures. The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine is home to world-class discovery scientists who investigate fundamental biological questions like: How do cells move? What triggers a cell to grow? How does the body sense pain? Answers to these questions and many others advance knowledge and fuel the pipeline for breakthrough treatments for human diseases. Discovery research activities take place in a wide range of departments, programs, and centers including our basic science departments, clinical departments and centers and institutes. Our investigators also mentor the next generation of discovery scientists through our graduate programs and postdoctoral experiences.

All members of the Office of Research, Research Education and Innovative Medicine – RIM – stand ready to assist our Miller School discovery investigators with their research. Let us support your team’s effort to find the next methods of prevention, treatments and cures.

W. Dalton Dietrich, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Dean for
Discovery and Translational Science

Email: ddietrich@miami.edu
Phone: (305) 243-2297

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