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Equipment Registration & Monitoring

Critical Equipment Registration

In order to be included in the university critical equipment database, it is recommended that you register your freezers, refrigerators, incubators, and other critical equipment on the Department of Security website. In case of equipment failure, the contact information listed on your registration form will assist Security in contacting you. Make sure to update information on the registration form as personnel change and equipment is relocated to other locations.

  1. Link to critical equipment registration
  2. Click on ADD new equipment
  3. Complete registration form with personal contact and equipment information
  4. A 4-digit identifying number will be immediately assigned to your equipment
  5. Include the normal operating temperature range of your equipment
  6. Answer questions regarding alarms, emergency power, monitoring biohazard material, etc.
  7. Complete the emergency notification list with current contact information and designated personnel that agree to respond to equipment alarms.
  8. Save, print form and post clearly on the outside of your equipment.
  9. To edit a form, visit the website and enter the last name of the owner or the 4 digit identifying number.
Critical Equipment Monitoring

The university utilizes a number of systems that monitor critical equipment 24/7 for failure alarms. The location of your laboratory dictates which system is available. The primary system Pro-Watch, is used throughout the medical campus and operated by the Department of Security. The university also utilizes newer web-based systems including Yokogawa, Rees Scientific, Mesa Labs, SensoScientific, Thermo Forma Smart Vue and Tutela Monitoring Systems.

Please contact Ramon Rodriguez at (305) 243-8375 or rrodrig4@med.miami.edu for information regarding the connection of your equipment to Pro-Watch.

Please contact Helene Valentine at (305) 243-8842 or hvalentine2@med.miami.edu for information on the web-based monitoring systems.

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