EDR: Executive Dean for Research

SCCC Research Laboratory

Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center (SCCC) Research Laboratory & Satellites is a diverse group of 4 laboratories dedicated primarily to the support of the laboratory services for the University of Miami cancer research programs. The following groups are part of the division:

  • SCCC Research Lab/ Miami main campus
  • SCCC Research Lab/ Deerfield location
  • SCCC Research Lab/ Plantation location
  • SCCC Research Lab/ Lennar (Coral Gables) location
    Services include samples (blood, bone marrow, fresh tissue, urine, sputum, and stool)
    Processing, storage, and shipping.

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Jull Chica, MBA
Supervisor, Research Laboratory

Email: jchica@med.miami.edu
Phone: (305) 243-5232

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